Our Services.

Architectural Services which we offer
The standard architectural services which we offer, but are not limited to, are extracted from section 19(2) of the Architectural Profession Act 2000 (Act 44 of 2000) relating to private consulting practice and are separated into five stages headed below.

Our service also extends to computer aided 3D (virtual) visualization tools as part of the standard service as well as actual scaled 3D visualization models as a non standard service which is subject to an extra negotiated fee.

Our architectural fees are determined on a project specific basis and are dependent on the scope of work. The fees are based on the current South African Council for the Architectural Profession's (SACAP) recommended tariff of fees and subjected to negotiated discounts where applicable.

The fees are apportioned to each work stage as recommended by SACAP and as agreed to by the client.

Contractual Draughting Services also available.

Appraisal and definition of the project

Receive, appraise and report on the client's requirements with particular regard to site information, planning and statutory requirements and budget.

Advise the client on:
- Procedures to meet his/her requirements
- The need for appointment of consultants
- Methods of contracting.

Design concept

Advised by any consultants appointed, prepare a design concept in broad outline showing intended space provisions, planning relationships, materials and services intended to be used.

Advise the client on:
- The technical and functional characteristics of the project as proposed
- The estimated cost in relation to the budget
- The anticipated project programme..

Design development

Develop the design concept in sufficient detail to:
- Define the construction of the building
- Spatially co-ordinate the work designed by consultants and specialists and
- (Review the design with the relevant authorities.)

Approvals and technical documentation

Prepare construction documentation and co-ordinate the documentation with the work designed by consultants and specialists.
- Obtain approval from the relevant authorities
- Review the estimated cost of the works in relation to the budget.
- Prepare documents to procure offers for the execution of the works.

Contract Administration and Inspection

- Obtain offers for the execution of the works and advise the client regarding the award of the building contract.
- Prepare construction documentation and arrange for the signing thereof.
- Provide the client with as-built drawings, certificates, relevant technical data and guarantees from suppliers on completion of the works.
- Administer and perform the duties assigned to the professional in the building contract.
- Inspecting the works and liaising with consultants and contractor.